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Home of the original and most well respected pilot career consulting and interview preparation services in the aviation industry. See why more than 100,000 pilots have benefited from our personalized services and products.

"A lot of my friends who are getting ready for potential or scheduled interviews, have asked where I went for my prep.  I tell them, "Cage Marshall Consulting!".  I thought your program (workshop and individualized one-on-one session) was second to none!  You offered so much more than I expected.  Your team of consultants and presentors are experts in the interviewing field as they are former Pilot Interviewers, HR & Background Check Specialists, Pilot Instructors, CRM Instructors/Facilitators, Standards Captains, etc.  Learning from the people who actually interviewed, hired, and trained pilots for a living was invaluable!"  Former Captain for SkyWest Airlines hired by United and Delta 2014.

Pilot Interview Prep & Career Services

Whether you are a low time pilot or a seasoned pilot with thousands of hours, Cage Marshall Consulting has the experience to help you expand your professional pilot career. We have prepared pilots for interviews with: Alaska, Allegiant, American,  American Eagle, America West, Air Canada, Airborne, Atlas, Cathay Pacific, Chautauqua, Comair, Commutair, Continental, Delta, Emirates, ExpressJet, Frontier, FedEx, Flexjet, GoJet, Hawaiian, Japan Air, jetBlue, Mesa, Northwest, PSA, Qatar, Republic, Shuttle America, SkyWest, Southwest, Spirit, TranStates Airlines, TWA, UPS, United, USA 3000, US Airways, Virgin America, XOJet, the majority of regional carriers, numerous domestic and international corporate flight departments, military pilot positions within the National Guard, Air Force One, DoD, and pilot slots on the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. Cage Marshall Consulting has helped thousands of individual pilots with career planning, solving career problems and interview preparation services.

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Client Testimonials

"After doing interview prep with another company, I knew I needed more.  I needed a prep that was more than a one-shot deal...not just a collection of tips and a question bank, but a sandbox where I could try out my own ideas and find what worked, what could be made to work, and what never would work.  When a friend recommended Cage Marshall Consulting to me, I sent them my résumé for a free review, and after receiving their excellent feedback, I knew this was the place for me!  I did everything via Skype or over the phone, and Angie was brilliant/merciless in her critique and guidance!  Finally, when my airline called, we were able to shift seamlessly from a "general prep" to an airline-specific one.  When I went to the interview, I was so well prepared I left the room underwhelmed...I thought it would be TOUGHER!  Without a doubt, I am where I am today, starting at my dream job, because of Angie Marshall and Cage Marsall Consulting!"

If you're going for an airline interview, don't do it without talking to Cage Marshall Consulting first!  I was offered an interview with a major airline and was very confident in my ability to speak to a company panel, so I wasn't sure I needed a consultant.  A friend of mine told me I should check out CMC anyway, even if I thought I was prepared.  I gave Angie a call and set up and session with DeeDee, and I'm certainly glad I did!  DeeDee was awesome in preparing me for my interview, and not just for the practice in relating my past experiences.  She had numerous tips on my resume, paperwork, logbook, and presentation of material for the interview panel.  I left there very confident, and had no problem with the interview process.  I received a Conditional Job Offer and am looking forward to the next stage of my flying career.  I certainly didn't want to be the guy that didn't do the prep, didn't  get hired, then had to think about if it would have made a difference for the rest of my life.  Airline prep is an investment in yourself, and CMC is the way to go to maximize your potential!

Steven Reynolds, a Captain at a large regional airline utilized Cage Marshall Consulting to prepare for a successful interview at a major legacy carrier. "It had been nearly ten years since I had interviewed for a pilot position so when the opportunity to land my dream job at a major legacy carrier arrived I wanted to do everything possible to make sure I was fully prepared and had every opportunity to be successful. Everyone I worked with at Cage was professional, prepared, and outstanding at what they do. I did several thorough prep sessions with Dee-Dee and when the "big day" arrived for my interview I was relaxed, prepared, and confident. Thanks, in no small part, to my preparations with the Cage team, I got the job offer from my dream airline! I couldn't be happier with the experience."

"I can't say enough great things about Angie, Lenny and the rest of the crew at Cage Marshall Consulting.  They're service was top quality from beginning to end.  When I did my interview prep via Skype with Angie, she gave me the confidence I needed and that little extra push to successfully "land" my dream job.  I would recommend Cage Marshall Consulting without reservation to anyone that is gearing up for their next interview."  JetBlue A320 first officer new hire."

I wanted to follow up with your critique from my experience.  I was happy with how you handled everything, I felt very prepared and I appreciated your straight forward approach.  There were a few times I told you a bad story and you did not hesitate to tell me to not use that.  It was really good to have somebody who was impartial and did not know me providing critique.   I was very happy with your service and I have made sure when asked how I prepped for the interview to make sure Cage Marshall Consulting gets the credit.

"I was skeptical that interview prep was really necessary, having read some books on the topic. Once I received the interview invite for my dream job however, I knew I had to give myself the best chance possible. My consultant Dee Dee was awesome to say the least! She spent so much more time with me than I expected she would for the price I paid, and guided me through not just how to answer questions based on my own experiences, but exactly what to expect at the interview. I truly believe I got the job due to Dee Dee and the guidance she provided! I now recommend Dee Dee and Cage Marshall Consulting to every friend & colleague looking to move forward in their aviation career."  Regional Captain - United New Hire

"Dear Angie and DeeDee:  I wanted to thank the staff at Cage Marshall Consulting for my interview prep with Delta Air Lines. You did a tremendous job of preparing me for the interview, and I’m positive it was a large part of my success.  I appreciate you taking the time to sit with me personally to answer questions I had about my background, helping me navigate through the tough questions that were sure to come and being patient enough to work with me until I was comfortable. Your mock interview sessions were intense, and were very direct in addressing my potential weak points. You’re both very skilled in finding areas of focus, and helping in using the right words and phrases to answer effectively. After sitting across the table from you two, the interview seemed like a walk in the park! Thanks again for all you’ve done. I will be happy to recommend your services to anyone preparing for an interview. Sincerely, Jason J. Jackson New Hire First Officer"

Cage Marshall Consulting
7625 South Peoria Street
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7625 South Peoria Street
Suite 215A
Englewood, CO 80112
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