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Cheryl Cage was born into a military family. Her father was a 30-year veteran of the Army Infantry. After graduating college, with a degree in psychology, Cheryl worked for Braniff International. During her time there she was a member of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA).
Cage Consulting began as a general job search service. Cheryl's clients were professionals from all fields. Her introduction to working with pilots came when she offered her resume services to a small group of pilots living in the Denver area. These pilots had recently lost their jobs, as did she, due to the bankruptcy of Braniff.
While working with these individuals she sensed a pervasive belief that technical background and experience were all that was needed to secure a new airline job. This was outdated thinking and it disturbed her.
That distress proved legitimate.  Even with the wealth of experience these professional pilots had to offer, without exception this group was unsuccessful in their initial attempts at landing new cockpit positions.
What these pilots had failed to understand was that the selection process had changed over the years. Flight departments were no longer just searching for people with technical proficiency in flying. Airlines were interested in hiring individuals with highly developed management, communication, and team-player skills in addition to technical skills.
To discuss one's abilities in these introspective areas requires a different kind of preparation than these pilots had ever experienced.
Having watched these professionals stumble-and not wanting to see it happen to others-Cheryl was motivated to develop her Pilot Interview Preparation Program.
The initial program in 1988 was based on Cheryl's work with business professionals, discussions with pilot interviewers at the major airlines, and her own airline background. Since 1989 the program has been continually reviewed, updated, and expanded. Cheryl has discussed the interviewing process with flight officer interviewers, chief pilots, and aviation medical experts. Cheryl spent many, many hours debriefing  clients after their interviews.
In addition to our work with individual clients, from 1990 to 2001 Cage Consulting served as an Independent Consultant to ALPA (Airline Pilots Association). Cage presented pilot interview preparation seminars to over 5,000 displaced ALPA pilots from PanAm, Midway, USAirways, TWA, Air Wisconsin, West Air, and Aspen Airways to name a few. In 2001 Cage Consulting was retained by the Allied Pilots Association (the pilot union for American Airlines) and the United Airlines ALPA to present job search workshops for their furloughed pilot members.
Today, Cage Consulting is still the leader in pilot interview preparation services and job search workshops for furloughed pilots.  Over 100,000 pilots have used our services in preparing for pilot interviews and over 115,000 copies of Cage Consulting aviation and business career books have been sold. Cage continues to assist with various unions by offering workshops to fuloughees and interview preparation services.
We continue to research, develop, debrief, interview, and update our approach and information in order to help each pilot reach their career goals. 
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We are located at: Denver jetCenter, 7625 S Peoria St. Unit 215A, Englewood, CO 80112

Confidentiality: Cage Consulting, Inc. and its staff adhere to a strict code of ethics as well as complete confidentiality with all client consultations. Any written or verbal communications supplied to us by our clients is kept and maintained in a private and confidential manner with your assigned consultant. Information is NEVER disclosed to any business, mailing, warehouse, coworkers, family, and friends, current, potential or past employers.

Disclaimer: Cage Consulting, Inc. and its staff do not give medical, legal, or financial advice. All career advice is based on our educated and experienced opinions and only at the request of our client.  Cage Consulting, Inc. and its staff do not guarantee job placement, job offers, or preferential interview status. 

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