At Cage Marshall Consulting, we've been helping pilots reach their career goals since 1988. No matter what the circumstances, as a Cage Marshall-trained interviewee, you will come off as prepared and professional, ready to overcome any obstacle thrown at you during the interview process. We can help you at every phase of your career, from university through post-retirement. We take a vested interest in all our clients, and are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream job. Your success is our success.

Our Team

Angie Marshall Headshot

Angie Marshall


Angie has been with Cage Marshall Consulting since 1994. She has held the positions of Senior Consultant, Director of Operations, and now, that of President and Owner of the company. Her prior experience includes conducting pilot background checks for a legacy and a regional airline, developing and establishing interview and hiring protocol for corporate businesses, training interviewers, and managing and overseeing HR departments. This previous experience and her years at Cage Marshall Consulting have resulted in proven success in pilot placement at airlines worldwide. During Angie’s tenure, she has been instrumental in Cage Marshall Consulting helping more than 100,000 pilots reach their professional pilot goals.

The specific areas of expertise Angie offers to clients include interview preparation, career and furlough guidance, background research, application support, resume and cover letter development, and special concerns consulting. She has worked with pilots and flight instructors from a variety of backgrounds from regional, legacy, cargo, and international carriers, and with military pilots transitioning to civilian flying, including DoD, NASA and Air Force One pilots.

In addition to her direct work with clients, Angie is responsible for all day-to-day business activities along with all company decisions regarding long-term strategic planning in the areas of pilot interview preparation, marketing, and business development.

Angie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, with a concentration in Human Resources, from Colorado State University and is currently pursuing her Master's in Forensic Psychology with an emphasis in Interviewing, Interrogation, and Profiling.

Cheryl Cage Headshot

Cheryl Cage

Founder and Author

Cheryl Cage began Cage Consulting, Inc. in 1988. Over 125,000 pilots have used the Interview Preparation and Career Planning products and services of Cage Consulting. Cheryl is the author of five aviation career books including the best-selling Checklist for Success: A Pilot’s Guide to the Successful Airline Interview.

Beginning in 1990 Cheryl served as an Independent Consultant to the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). Cage Marshall Consulting has presented pilot interview preparation seminars to thousands of displaced ALPA pilots from PanAm, Midway, USAirways, TWA, Air Wisconsin, West Air, and Aspen Airways to name a few. In 2001, Cheryl was retained by the Allied Pilots Association and United Airlines ALPA to present job search workshops for their furloughed pilot members.

The publishing division of Cage Consulting was expanded in 1996. This resulted in several new titles including the popular Airline Pilot Technical Interviews and Mental Math for Pilots by Ronald McElroy. In 2016, Cheryl co-authored The Military Pilot's Guide to Civilian Employment.

Prior to Cage Consulting, Cheryl graduated from college with a B.A. in Psychology. She worked as a flight attendant for Braniff Airways. With the bankruptcy of Braniff in 1982 Cheryl made a career transition into marketing and management for a national sports company. She left this position to start Cage Consulting, Inc.

PAST CLIENT LIST: Allied Pilots Association, Air Line Pilots Association, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Universal Pilot Application Service, American Airlines, USAirways, and Women in Aviation International. Cheryl's advice columns have appeared in Flight Training, Air Line Pilot, Aviation for Women, and The Independent. For two years Cheryl wrote a career column for The Army, Navy, and Air Force Times; this column focused on gaining civilian employment after military retirement or separation.

Naila Jones Headshot

Naila Jones

Career Transition Coach

Naila Jones comes to Cage Marshall Consulting with a unique background in Career Transition and Management Consulting.  Not only is she an expert her field, she is a part of a pilot family! Naila’s forte is working with candidates in transition. She not only helps clients see possibilities for their professional futures but she then teaches them how to effectively use the job search tools and processes that companies depend on to find new employees.

An experienced workshop facilitator, Naila has presented workshops on Career Transition and Professional Development. As a management consultant she has assessed, interviewed and delivered profiles of the top candidates to corporate clients seeking new employees (Clientele list includes;  Parker-Hannifin Corporation, Moen, Vita-Mix Corporation, Nestle USA, Inc., General Electric Company, Ernst & Young, KeyCorp, Mercy Health Partners.)
Her areas of expertise include: Career Coaching, Career Exploration and Assessment, Executive Recruiting, Training & Development, Client Relationship Management, and Presentation/Public Speaking. Naila is also a Translator for French to English. 

Naila has a Master of Science in Human Resources with a thesis on Executive Coaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

DeeDee Onodera-Brown Headshot

DeeDee Onodera-Brown

Vice President of Consulting Services

DeeDee came to Cage Marshall Consulting in 2012. Her previous experience includes more than 25 years with a legacy airline. She has served in several roles, including pilot interviewer, presenter at aviation career seminars and workshops, and emergency procedures instructor for both pilots and flight attendants. Additionally, she served as a member of the airline’s pilot interview board, and was hand-selected to do contract training for Air Force One. As Senior Consultant, DeeDee is responsible for overseeing interview preps, reviewing resumes and applications, and conducting debriefs.

Because of DeeDee’s experience as an interviewer for a legacy carrier, she offers clients an opportunity to better understand the interview process from the perspective of an airline human resources professional. From application errors to interview SNAFUs, she has seen them all while working on the other side of the interview desk. Her unique background and knowledge provides our clients with an “interview simulator” experience that expertly prepares them for an actual interview. Additionally, DeeDee is one of our workshop presenters and assists with client relations.

DeeDee earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a double major in Communication Disorders/Speech Science and Psychology. While in college, she worked for a major airline as a special assignments flight attendant on charter flights for the Presidential Press Corps, Denver Broncos and Chicago Cubs.

Michael Engel Headshot

Michael Engel

Senior Interview Consultant

Mike joined Cage Marshall in early 2014 after having “retired” from the airline industry. He brings with him over 30 years of airline experience with regional and legacy carriers. He possesses a Master’s Degree in Education from St. Louis University, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Webster University.

His career began with line experience as a domestic flight attendant for a regional air carrier, and as Chief Purser/Flight Service Manager with an international airline. Mike transitioned to ground work utilizing his degree in education as Manager of Training, and later as an Emergency Procedures Instructor for Pilots and Flight Attendants. Additionally, he utilized his business knowledge by holding positions as manager and supervisor of flight crews. Extensive experience in Industrial Relations is a part of his resume. He has served on System Boards of Adjustments as a Hearing Officer and Mediator. Contract negotiations and labor relations were additional responsibilities.

Mike’s Human Resource background includes cover letter and resume reviews, as well as detailed interview experience with Pilots, Flight Attendants, Ground personnel, and Administrative personnel. He has also had responsibility for interviewing and hiring airline managers and supervisors.

Along with a commitment to the airline industry, Mike is excited to return to the position of Human Resource Consultant supporting flight officers preparing for advancement in their chosen careers.

Holly Hoover Headshot

Holly Hoover

HR Interview Consultant

Holly initially consulted for Cage Marshall Consulting from 1995 to 2002 at which time she left to pursue her graduate degree in counseling. She returned in 2014 and brings to the company an extensive knowledge of the airline industry and the pilot interviewing process. She has years of experience sitting across the table from pilot applicants. While employed with a legacy carrier, she held several positions in the pilot employment department, including that of Pilot Interviewer.

She also has extensive training and experience in reviewing applications, discussing areas of concerns, and discovering an applicant’s weaknesses. These skills, combined with her education in psychology, make her an excellent interview preparation consultant for pilots who want to get hired by commercial airlines.

Holly has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, both earned at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Damian Duhon Headshot

Damian Duhon

Technical Consultant

Damian Duhon joined the Marine Corps in 1992, and was assigned to the Military Occupational Specialty of Ground Radio Repairman and PLRS Technician Damian in Okinawa, Japan in 1993. Damian was assigned to duties in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii in 1994 where he was meritoriously promoted to Sergeant. Damian and his wife Christina moved to Fort Knox, KY where he was assigned to 8th Tank Battalion. While assigned at Fort Knox where he attended Curriculum Development, Embarkation, and Substance Abuse Control Officer Courses.

Damian was accepted for the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program in 1998. He graduated with honors from The University of Mississippi with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in May 2001. After graduation Damian attended The Basic School, followed by flight training with VT-6 and VT-31 where he was designated a Naval Aviator in June 2003. Selected as one of the first to attend initial accession training through the Large Group Try Out course for C-130J training Damian completed his initial flight training and was assigned to Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252 in Cherry Point, NC.

Damian was assigned to duties in 2004 where he was designated as a Transport Third Pilot and deployed to Al Asad, Iraq. While assigned Damian fulfilled duties as Ground Training Officer, S-6 Officer, Mission Planning Officer, Flight Duty Officer, Assistant Aircrew Training Officer, Aviation Maintenance Officer, and Avionics and Crew Chief OIC.

Transferring to Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152, Okinawa, Japan in 2007, Damian was designated a Weapons and Tactics Instructor in April 2008. Damian was recruited to and reassigned to MAWTS-1 in 2009 where he served as the KC-130 Division Head, Weapons School Instructor and the Defensive Tactics, Air Delivery, and Assault Landing Zone subject matter expert for the Marine Corps. Captain Duhon retired from the Marine Corps in January 2012. His awards include Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal (11th award), Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal (5th Award), and the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (3rd Award).

He moved to Cabot, Arkansas in 2012 where he was employed as a simulator pilot instructor for Lockheed Martin and CymSTAR until May 2015. Damian returned to flying in June of 2015 and served as a First Officer with PSA Airlines on the CRJ-200/701/900 until 2017.

Rick Corbett Headshot

Rick Corbett

Interview Consultant

Rick is currently a captain for a major airline and performs additional duties as a pilot interviewer and recruiter. He is formally trained in Target Selection and has conducted interviews in a variety of formats from military meet and greets to formal pilot interviews. He has also conducted squadron level through wing level pilot and staff interviews when he served in the Air Force. He holds a BA in Behavior Science and a Masters in Business Administration.

Rick is retired Air Force after serving over 26 years. He flew multiple types of aircraft and rated as a pilot and a navigator. He also served in a variety of squadron and group positions and finished in a staff position prior to retiring. He was commissioned through ROTC and served both on active duty and the reserves. Rick is also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading global organization for the advancement of coaching.

Rick has owned a variety of different businesses from online retailers to national franchises. He is recognized in the community through Rotary International and through having a scholarship in his name at the college he attended for his MBA. He is also a member of the Better Business Bureau where he has been lauded for business achievement and in ethics and professionalism.

He has served as Vice Chairman for a non profit mutual benefit fund. This fund provided financial relief for pilots during an unforeseen hardship. Currently, he is the Chairman for Military Affairs for his airline and National Chairman for Veterans Affairs with the Air Line Pilots Association, International. This position assists pilots still serving in the military with issues relating to scheduling issues and ensuring USERRA compliance through guidelines and policy.

On his off time, he enjoys being with his family and volunteering in school activities with his children. He resides in a suburb of Sacramento just an hour and a half to one of his favorite spots, Lake Tahoe. Hobbies include real estate investing, weight training, kayaking, reading up on current events, and traveling.

Chris Rothe Headshot

Chris Rothe

Military Transition Specialist

Chris joined Cage Marshall Consulting in 2014, bringing military transition expertise to our team. He has more than 20 years of experience as both a military and civilian pilot, currently flies for a legacy airline and serves in the Air Force Reserves. His current experience, combined with his previous experience as an Air Force pilot, has provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the military to civilian transition, and of the unique challenges Reserve and Guard members face during the transition. Chris guides pilots in making a smooth and successful transition from active duty to civilian or Reserve/Guard flying, Reserve/Guard to civilian flying, and everything in between.

Chris started flying gliders when he was 14 years old, and joined the U.S. Air Force right out of college. He has more than 4000 hours of flight time, and has flown the T-37, T-44, C-130, and TG-16, and also has flown aerial firefighting missions in the C-130 to augment the U.S. Forest Service. Chris has held the positions of Qualified Aircraft Commander and Instructor Pilot, and has participated on many hiring boards for his Air Force Reserve squadron.

Chris earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a Master’s Degree in Aviation Safety from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Alicia Edmondson Headshot

Alicia Edmondson

Technical Consultant

Alicia Edmondson joined the Cage Marshall team in 2018. She is currently a Flight Officer with a legacy carrier. Before entering the airline world, Alicia was a corporate, fractional and charter pilot. Most recently, she was the Director of Aviation and Chief Pilot for a corporate flight department. Alicia was also in charge of interviewing and hiring pilots. She brings a vast knowledge of different backgrounds of opportunities for pilot careers.
Alicia has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Illinois University in Aviation Management and an Associate’s degree in Aviation Flight.

Matthew Cunningham Headshot

Matthew Cunningham

Technical Consultant

Matt joined Cage Marshall Consulting in 2018. He also serves as a First Officer at a major airline, where he is based in Denver, Colorado. Prior to joining the commercial airline industry, Matt retired from United States Air Force after 21 years of active duty service. He has extensive flight instructor/evaluator experience and served on numerous interview panels, both during his military, and his civilian career. He has many years of international flight experience as well as a broad background in aircraft mishap investigation, and aviation safety.

Matt earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the United States Air Force Academy and has a Master of Science Degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Ronald McElroy Headshot

Ronald McElroy


Ron has been a member of the Cage Marshall Consulting family since 1997, preceded by a 38-year career in aviation, which makes him a valuable resource for our clients. He started his career as a U.S. Air Force pilot, and, after several years in the military, he made the transition to civilian flying. His extensive experience and in-depth aviation knowledge help our pilot applicants ace the technical portion of their airline interviews. In addition to consulting, Ron shares his knowledge and experience in two books he has written: Airline Pilot Interview-A Study Guide and Mental Math for Pilots, as well as a three flashcard sets: ATP, FAR, and AIM. These products have been top sellers for Cage Marshall Consulting, and are recommended by Chief Pilots, Pilot Interviewers, and Airline Hiring Managers.

Ron has logged more than 10,000 hours of flight time in more than 140 types of aircraft, and instructed hundreds of pilots. He recently retired from an international airline where he was a B-777 Captain and Pilot Instructor. However, he decided to further expand his resume and accepted a position with the Federal Aviation Administration as a test pilot. During his aviation career, Ron has held the positions of Charter Pilot, Flight/Ground/Simulator Instructor, Skydive Pilot, and Chase and Photo Pilot.

Ron earned a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Mechanics from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Edward Abraham Headshot

Edward Abraham

International Pilot Advisor

Ed has been a member of the Cage Marshall Consulting team since 2014. His diverse aviation background includes flying for both domestic and international companies. Currently, Ed is a pilot for a US legacy carrier, and has more than 8700 hours of total time and 6500 Pilot-in-Command hours. Ed has flown for several airlines based in numerous countries, and shares his experience as a successful interviewer and accomplished aviation professional.

In 2007, while flying for a regional carrier, Ed was invited to join the management team of a new start-up company flying B737-300s. Over the course of the next eight years, he successfully interviewed and worked for several airlines worldwide. During this time, he held various positions, including Line Check Airman, Operations Performance Manager, and Line Captain. His type ratings include a CL-65, ERJ-170/190, B-737/300, B757/767 as well as several international ratings.

Ed has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Science and Management from Bridgewater State University, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Seth Miller Headshot

Seth Miller

HR Interview Consultant

Seth initially came to Cage Marshall Consulting as a pilot applicant. Although he had been a Pilot Interviewer and a Line Check Airman with his former airline, he quickly recognized that he could take nothing for granted in preparing for this interview. He spent countless hours working with CMC on his resume, application, interview skills, and doing his background checks. After a lot of time and effort, Seth successfully landed his dream job! Because of his direct approach, ability to appropriately challenge situations, his interest in seeing his fellow coworkers succeed, and his diverse aviation background, Seth was a perfect addition to the Cage Marshall Consulting team.

Seth has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Flight Training from Purdue University and an Associate of Science Degree from Vincennes University. He was one of two pilots selected in his senior class to fly the Beechjet 400A as First Officer. From there, Seth took a Flight Instructor position with Purdue University.

Within a couple of years, Seth accepted a regional carrier position and for two years flew as a First Officer on the ERJ-145 and ten years as a Captain on the ERJ-170/175. Highlights include: Line Check Airman, PC/Simulator Check Airman, assisted in implementing AQP training with a focus on CRM/TEM Training, delivery of the new EMB-170 from a factory in Brazil, and conducting New Hire Pilot and Check Airman Interviews. Currently, Seth is a Flight Officer with a legacy carrier and a welcomed addition to the CMC Team.

Lenny Runingen Headshot

Lenny Runingen

Executive Manager

Lenny came to Cage Marshall Consulting in 2012 with more than 25 years of experience in business operations. Lenny also served in the United States Army, both active and inactive duty. He is responsible for all aspects of client services including initial client contact, scheduling, organizing pilot workshops, and all of our administrative and office operations. Lenny is usually the first member of our team to speak with clients, and offers them expert guidance on the services and products offered by our company.

Lenny’s diverse background includes experience as a Client Services Representative, Account Executive, Sales Associate, and Office Manager in industries ranging from health services to insurance. He has received countless hours of specialized training in areas of customer service, insurance liability & risk assessment, and business ethics.

Alec Gentry Headshot

Alec Gentry

Interview Consultant

Alec began his career in aviation at Oklahoma State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Administration and Operations in 2014. While in school, Alec was employed by the University as a CFI, CFII, MEI, and Part 141 Check Airman. During his instructing years, he received a Gold Seal on his Flight Instructor certificate, worked as a pipeline patrol pilot, and interned with a major US airline where he focused on facilitating Basic Indoctrination courses for new hire pilots.

After graduating from OSU, Alec was subsequently hired with a regional airline where he spent almost 3 years as both a First Officer and Captain on the CRJ-200, 700, and 900 aircraft. In 2017, Alec was hired with a major US airline and currently serves as a First Officer on the Boeing 737 aircraft. Along with his line flying duties, Alec enjoys being a new hire and collegiate mentor/advocate for his current employer.

Outside of aviation, Alec enjoys spending time with family and friends and making yearly boating trips out to Lake Powell.

Lisa Matthews Headshot

Lisa Matthews

Aviation Business Specialist

Lisa Matthews is an Aviation Business Specialist with over 17 years experience in Aviation and Customer Management.  In addition to owning and managing various Aviation Based Businesses with her Husband (a Commercial Airline Pilot), Lisa has also served as VP of Marketing, Director of Sales, and Director of Business Development in several Aviation Businesses. 

Lisa has been working proudly with the Cage Marshall Customer Management Team since 2019, and continues to also consult for other Airline-Focused Aviation Businesses.

Lisa resides in Texas with her husband and two children, and has never lost her love of GA Flying.


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