Online Career Resources For Pilots

There is a wealth of information online to help pilots find job opportunities in both the public airlines, corporate/charter companies and government jobs. We’ve compiled the best online resources here for you.


These applications help you easily track your credentials online.

Corporate / Charter Companies (Part 135/91/91K)

These are links to the website careers pages for a few major corporate/charter airline companies.


Here are instructions as to where you can find paperwork you may need in order to apply for a flying job.

FAA Medical

These are links where you can find your FAA medical exam results.


This is a link where you can find your passport documents.


These resources help you audit and prepare your logbooks.

Prosoft Binders – Logbook Printing Services
LogTen Pro Coradine Aviation – Electronic logbook

Flight Training

Flight training for initial, recurrent, re-qualification and specialty flight training including ATP-CTP, RVSM and type ratings (From the A320 to the B787)