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Building Your Interview Foundation (on-demand video course)

$79.00 USD

Our "Building Your Interview Foundation" Online Course is presented by Cage Marshall Founder, Cheryl Cage. It is a four-part series and includes four separate videos packaged into a one-hour course. In the course, Cheryl discusses:

  1. Interview Enhancing Approaches
  2. Types of Questions
  3. Self-Evaluation
  4. Delivery of Your Stories

This course will help you develop a solid understanding of the pilot interviewing process.

Video 1A: Interview Enhancing Approaches – 10-minutes

Cheryl shares four approaches to help you maintain your focus (and lower your stress) during your interviews no matter the conversations or questions you encounter.

Video 1B : Types of Questions – 12-minutes

You will be introduced to the four main types of questions asked during an interview. Response Formats for each type of question will be introduced.

Video 1C: Self-Evaluation – 20-minutes

Cheryl takes you step-by-step through the all-important Self Evaluation Worksheet. Cheryl’s discussion will help jumpstart the process of remembering experiences to share in response to interview questions.  

Video 1D: Delivery of Your Stories – 15-minutes 

Cheryl will walk you through examples of how to use the response formats to deliver your stories. Cheryl will also share specific examples of stories in order for you to recognize the importance of organized and concise story-telling

Building Your Interview Foundation (on-demand video course)
Building Your Interview Foundation (on-demand video course)