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DeeDee Onodera-Brown

Vice President of Consulting Services

A Cage Marshall Team Member for 7 Years

DeeDee came to Cage Marshall Consulting in 2012. Her previous experience includes more than 25 years with a legacy airline. She has served in several roles, including pilot interviewer, presenter at aviation career seminars and workshops, and emergency procedures instructor for both pilots and flight attendants. Additionally, she served as a member of the airline’s pilot interview board, and was hand-selected to do contract training for Air Force One. As Senior Consultant, DeeDee is responsible for overseeing interview preps, reviewing resumes and applications, and conducting debriefs.

Because of DeeDee’s experience as an interviewer for a legacy carrier, she offers clients an opportunity to better understand the interview process from the perspective of an airline human resources professional. From application errors to interview SNAFUs, she has seen them all while working on the other side of the interview desk. Her unique background and knowledge provides our clients with an “interview simulator” experience that expertly prepares them for an actual interview. Additionally, DeeDee is one of our workshop presenters and assists with client relations.

DeeDee earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a double major in Communication Disorders/Speech Science and Psychology. While in college, she worked for a major airline as a special assignments flight attendant on charter flights for the Presidential Press Corps, Denver Broncos and Chicago Cubs.

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