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Premium Prep Package (with Application Review)

$699.00 USD

Now scheduling appointments after October 28th.

Formerly called the Complete Prep

All consults are personalized based on client needs and conducted as one-on-one sessions via phone, video conference, or in-person. After all, your interview will be based on YOUR background and experience. Shouldn't your prep be too?

1. Two of our most popular books.

  • Checklist for Success-A Pilot's Guide to a Successful Airline Interview
  • Reporting Clear? A Pilot's Interview Guide to Background Checks and Presentation of Personal Background Check History both by Cheryl A. Cage

**If you have one or both of these books, we can substitute for another product. 

2. Application and resume review.

  • Submit one application and one resume for review. 
  • Our consultants will critique your documents and contact you directly to schedule your one-hour telephone consult to discuss suggested corrections. (Please allow 14 business days).
  • Make recommended application changes and resubmit* application for a second review to ensure accuracy.  (*A resubmitted application must be completed within 45 days of the initial review or additional fees will be charged.)
  • An email with your final application corrections/recommendations will be provided.

**Please note that we spend approximately three to four hours on each application we receive including the one-hour phone consult.**

**Additional airline application reviews can be purchased for $199.00 per application.**

3. Four hours of one-on-one consultations.  

  • In order to obtain the most out of our time together, we ask you read both books prior to your initial interview preparation appointment.  
  • An initial two-hour interview prep session: mock interview, discussion of weaknesses, strengths, presentation of anomalies & paperwork, etc.  
  • A one hour follow up session: intended to answer any last minute questions, review areas of weaknesses noted during the initial prep, etc.
  • Additional one hour consult can be used for: additional prep session, job fair/recruiting event, meet & greet, special concerns/career consult.  

4. Total hours. 

  • 15 to 20 hours of self-study time which includes the workbooks and homework.
*Technical Prep Sessions are sold separately.* 

Total for services purchased separately: $975.00
Price: $699.00

Services are valid until used, are non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be prorated. In the event you are unsuccessful with your initial interview, a one hour complimentary consult can be requested to be used towards preparation for your next interview.


  • Your Personal Interview Consultant will assist you in how to clearly explain your experiences in any type of aviation interview. Our Interview Preparation Program is a multi-phase process:

    Initial two-hour consult:
    Initial consultations consist of a 45-minute mock interview followed by a complete critique of your responses, attitude, appearance, strengths/weaknesses, etc.

    We help you:
    - Understand the reasoning behind the pilot interviewing process.
    - Become familiar with the roles of the people involved in the process.
    - Gain an awareness of the most common interviewing mistakes.
    - Help identify what life experiences (both positive and negative) best describe your individual personality.
    - Learn how to discuss your life experiences in a complex yet concise manner.
    - Practice your verbal delivery.
    - Critique your physical appearance to ensure a professional impression.
    - Organize and gather your paperwork, discuss areas of concern, background questions, areas surrounding logbooks and applications, etc.

    - A homework package will be emailed to you after session one:
    - Additional interview questions.
    - Gathering additional paperwork.
    - Creation of addendum, letters of explanation, etc.

    Follow up:
    - One-hour session consisting of
    - Re-addressing areas of concerns and weaknesses from previous sessions.
    - Discussing homework.
    - Discussing and reviewing any documentation that you have gathered or created and address any questions or concerns that you have.

  • 1. Complete your purchase of the package online.

    2. Email your resume and/or application to review@cageconsulting.com.

    3. Books will be shipped the same business day via USPS Priority Mail.

    4. Once you receive the books, begin reading and completing the worksheets.

    5. Schedule your appointments based on your needs and your time frame on the Scheduling page of our website.

    6. Additional homework (if applicable) will be sent by your consultant following your initial session.

Cage Marshall Consulting Pilot in Cockpit
Cage Marshall Consulting two Book Covers - Checklist for Success and Reporting Clear
Cage Marshall Consulting Pilot Interview Prep
Cage Marshall Consulting Pilot in Cockpit Cage Marshall Consulting two Book Covers - Checklist for Success and Reporting Clear Cage Marshall Consulting Pilot Interview Prep