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Technical Prep, LOI, SBI, CRM

$179.00 USD

You've got seven (or eight) minutes to resolve a situational based question. The minute hands are spinning around the clock and more problems are being thrown at you; engine fire, bomb threat, passenger having a seizure, airport closed, etc. The interviewer continues to add to your plate and before you know it...time is up! Just as you begin to calm down, the interviewer starts in again; "why did you do that or why didn't you do this?".  It can be the shortest and yet longest part of the pilot interview.

We offer (up to 90 minutes...phone or video), one-on-one, private consultation to prepare you for  possible scenarios that may come down the pipeline. We help pilots prepare for; Technical Skills Assessment Tests, Technical Evals, SBI, LOI, and CRM interviews.  (UAL, SWA, SKW, FedEx, FAL, HAL, to name a few!)

Technical Skills Assessment Evaluations:

  • RNAV
  • Arrival and departure
  • Climb and descend via
  • Take-off & approach briefings
  • QRH usage
  • Call out
  • Role playing & CRM practice, etc.

Situational Based Interviews (LOI):

  • Utilization of resources; asking the right questions ahead of time in order to get a better result.
  • Prioritization of thought processes and mental organizational skills
  • Active and effective listening and delegation skills
  • Mentally preparation
  • Effective problems solving
  • Utilization of appropriate resources
  • Role playing and CRM practice, etc.

Basic Technical Interviews/Mental Math:

  • Fuel dump problems
  • Time/Speed/Distance problems
  • Approach chart legends
  • Holding speeds
  • Wake turbulence
  • Aircraft systems
  • Fog, cloud formation, wind shear
  • Deicing
  • Hydroplaning
  • Fuel, weight balance calculations, etc.

Our technical consultants (current and former pilot instructors) will provide exercises that are designed to challenge your knowledge (recall), your problem solving skills, as well as your approach to communication.  

Our technical prep sessions are designed to provide individual airline technical training for the airline in which our applicant is interviewing. 

  • Our one hour consult services are intended to be used by applicants who are in need of preparation for a technical consult.
Cage Marshall Consulting Woman and Man Doing Technical Prep
Cage Marshall Consulting two People Doing Technical Prep
Cage Marshall Consulting Woman and Man Doing Technical Prep Cage Marshall Consulting two People Doing Technical Prep